B2B Business Development and Sales for SaaS, IT, Software and more

I specialize in business development, product demo, consulting, sales, project management and account management of SaaS, software, hardware, apps, websites, web portals and other IT, IoT and CE related solutions and products.

I can offer the following for your business development and sales in German, Swiss-German, English, Italian, and French:

  • Inventory: I will analyze your current situation and efforts.
  • ICP: based on your existing or desired customers, we will build an Ideal Customer Profile. This will allow us to find potential buyers, instead of contacting just any company, wasting your time and money: Company size, numbers of employees, industry, geographical location, and revenue are all important. It is also crucial to speak to the right person.
  • Prospecting: with an ICP, I will have the right information for prospecting potential buyers and their relevant contacts on LinkedIn, Apollo, and other platforms. This way I will create a list of prospects to work with.
  • Lead generation: depending on the type of your offer, I will contact your prospects via email, phone, or LinkedIn. For this, I could set up sequences for emails, calls, and chats. We can use tools such as Salesloft, HubSpot, ZOHO, Pipedrive, Apollo... Very important: What are the prospect's typical challenges and pain points for which you will provide a solution? To address them, is crucial in creating an interest for your solution.
  • Build rapport: simple products or solutions might be sold with small effort. However, some solutions might need rapport with the prospect to be build first. This can take some time and can be handled via emails, newsletter, chat, calls, providing customer success stories, talking to technical staff, webinars, and so on.
  • Close the sale, give a demo, or start a trial?: Ultimately, we want the prospect to take some kind of action (call to action): What is the typical next step in your process? To close the sale? To have the prospect start a trial? To give an online demo? ⇾ Let's discuss the details in person.


My experience

  • Business development and market entry into the Swiss market for a battery and accumulator brand
  • Business Development and Sales - DACH - IT Recruitment @ Work Life Group
  • Business Development and Sales - Austria - SaaS for healthcare @ SanusX GmbH
  • Business Development and Sales - worldwide - SaaS for VoD @ ExperiAR S.r.l. | part of Larin Group
  • Business Development and Sales - Switzerland- SaaS for HR @ MyCerty.ch
  • Business Development and Sales - DACH - SaaS for Marketing @ Convertedin LTD
  • Business Development and Sales - DACH - SaaS for Automotive @ DCON1
  • Business Development - DACH - SaaS for Marketing @ EDEE AI Ltd.
  • Business Development - Switzerland - SaaS for EdTech @ Labster, ApS
  • Business Development and Sales - DACH - SaaS for Automotive @ Web1on1 BV
  • Business Development and Sales - DACH - CRM solution @ KMU Digitalisierung GmbH (ZOHO)
  • Business Development and Sales - worldwide - Enterprise software @ Resilio Inc.